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Im Not the Devil but i wont be your hero by Kahen-san Im Not the Devil but i wont be your hero :iconkahen-san:Kahen-san 13 1 2p England by Kahen-san 2p England :iconkahen-san:Kahen-san 3 5 Pirate England by Kahen-san Pirate England :iconkahen-san:Kahen-san 36 12 Chibi England In Bushes by Kahen-san Chibi England In Bushes :iconkahen-san:Kahen-san 1 2 Snake!England Trial (Version 1) 3 by Kahen-san Snake!England Trial (Version 1) 3 :iconkahen-san:Kahen-san 0 0 Snake!England Trial (Version 1) 2 by Kahen-san Snake!England Trial (Version 1) 2 :iconkahen-san:Kahen-san 0 0 Snake!England Trial (Version 1) by Kahen-san Snake!England Trial (Version 1) :iconkahen-san:Kahen-san 2 0 Venom!America by Kahen-san Venom!America :iconkahen-san:Kahen-san 17 6 Maid Portugal 2 by Kahen-san Maid Portugal 2 :iconkahen-san:Kahen-san 2 5 Devil America by Kahen-san Devil America :iconkahen-san:Kahen-san 4 3 Maid Portugal by Kahen-san Maid Portugal :iconkahen-san:Kahen-san 9 2 England as Usui! by Kahen-san England as Usui! :iconkahen-san:Kahen-san 16 6 Fix Me Corruption Line Art by Kahen-san Fix Me Corruption Line Art :iconkahen-san:Kahen-san 1 2 Angelus Full Minus Wings by Kahen-san Angelus Full Minus Wings :iconkahen-san:Kahen-san 0 0 Angelus Ummm... Expression by Kahen-san Angelus Ummm... Expression :iconkahen-san:Kahen-san 0 0 Angelus Relief Expression by Kahen-san Angelus Relief Expression :iconkahen-san:Kahen-san 0 0
here are some random fan fic pic that i draw


SOLD- Hand Made Poseable Fantasy Green Panda by Wood-Splitter-Lee SOLD- Hand Made Poseable Fantasy Green Panda :iconwood-splitter-lee:Wood-Splitter-Lee 1,652 101
Danny Phantom- A new Darkness Decends
Danny Phantom Fan fiction
Reader Insert.
A New Darkness Descends.
        It was a cool November day in Amity Park. The famous Danny Phantom was doing his patrols. He had gotten used to patrolling now, especially after his secret came out. He was needed all over the world, but at the end of the week, he always went back home due to more and more ghost out breaks. But, Danny was married and he was 38. He was in fit shape. He had one child. She had inherrited his eyes, but she had dark purple hair, almost like Sam's.
         Her name is ______. She is 16, and she goes to Casper High. She is a technical genius, from being taught by her grandparents and Tucker Foley. She is also very resorceful. She had a lot of stress, though. I mean, wouldn't you have high expectaions being a Half-a, and Danny Phantom's daughter?
             Anyway, ______ was being trained by her father, and anyone else that would help her
:iconhikarixsaysxmeow:HikariXSaysXMeow 23 2
Just a Taste by FireTrance Just a Taste :iconfiretrance:FireTrance 292 42 Message Sent! by FoxyTeah Message Sent! :iconfoxyteah:FoxyTeah 174 32 Pitch Pearl by FoxyTeah Pitch Pearl :iconfoxyteah:FoxyTeah 306 56 Pitch Pearl at Work by FrukeChan Pitch Pearl at Work :iconfrukechan:FrukeChan 37 3 Danny's face by Kvalificatsia Danny's face :iconkvalificatsia:Kvalificatsia 290 324 The Brightest Gem by FireTrance The Brightest Gem :iconfiretrance:FireTrance 150 36 Affection by FoxyTeah Affection :iconfoxyteah:FoxyTeah 129 21 Cuties by foxyelie Cuties :iconfoxyelie:foxyelie 286 9 Pitch Pearl by AxelCat9 Pitch Pearl :iconaxelcat9:AxelCat9 268 30 Equilibrium by XxSassersxX Equilibrium :iconxxsassersxx:XxSassersxX 247 38 Enchanted by FoxyTeah Enchanted :iconfoxyteah:FoxyTeah 233 57
Help Me Danny Phantom x reader
Ok so, I wasn't really planning on writing another Danny Phantom x reader fan fiction. But I saw that a lot of people add my first one to their favorites and to a bunch of different groups. So, I'm writing another one, obviously. Just one quick note, during this story, you do know that Danny is part ghost and you have met some of his past enemies. And lastly, this is not a continuation of my first Danny Phantom fan fiction. So, yeah that's it. Enjoy:happybounce:
'I'm late, I'm late. I'm so late.' You think to yourself as you race through the park. 'I'm late for my study date with Danny.' Ah yes, Danny Fenten. Your best friend ever since you two were 5. Right now, you were supposed to meet Danny for a study date, because he was having trouble with biology and he asked you for some help. You would've been there sooner, but you ran into some trouble with your ex-boyfriend Dash. Yeah, you da
:iconallyfjones:AllyFJones 415 106
Secrets Upon Lovely Secrets
[Name] slicked her sweaty [h/c] hair back, and chewed on her bottom lip.
Oh, she was going to get him this time!
She knew the exact location, time and route he would take, step for step… Or float. She’d been watching him…obsessively. And yet, it was totally worth the sleepless nights. Those fights he got into; amazing. But for some odd reason she ended up losing the footage she took of the experience…
Anticipation made her skin perspiration as she glanced at her watch.
Annnnyyy second now.
“Hey, uh, what are you doing?” A voice asked behind her, making [Name] leap almost four feet into the air.
“God dammit Fenton!” [Name] growled and placed her hand over her racing heart. That sure gave her a fright—
Wait. Shit. What was she doing? Shit!
In an act of crazed desperation, [Name] whirled around and swung her ghost catching net wildly, attempting to catch that infamous ghost: Danny Phantom. What she caught: A whole lot
:iconlostunknownhero:LostUnknownHero 63 13


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